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I found that entering the xmonad.hs config file listed here doesn't work. I think it may be because I have xmonad-0.8.1. I get this error:


   Couldn't match expected type `XConfig
                                      AvoidStruts (Choose Tall (Choose (Mirror Tall) Full)))
                                 -> IO t'
          against inferred type `XConfig
                                   (Choose Tall (Choose (Mirror Tall) Full))'
   In the first argument of `dzen', namely `defaultConfig'
   In a 'do' expression: conf <- dzen defaultConfig
   In the expression:
       do conf <- dzen defaultConfig
          $   conf
                {terminal = "term", startupHook = setWMName "LG3D",
                 layoutHook = smartBorders (layoutHook conf)}
              [((modMask conf, xK_p),
                runOrRaisePrompt (defaultXPConfig {position = Top}))]

If this is because it's version 0.8.1, should there be a warning to that effect?