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(Published July 5 2005.)


by Shae Erisson

This month's editorial is an encouragement to join the libraries mailing list and help out.

Recently I've noticed duplicate functionality, for example c2hs, Knit, and other projects require C parsers, but there's no common code base. Since parsers are one of the killer features of Haskell, I suggest that language parsers for popular languages be community libraries. If the Haskell community had quality parsers available for Haskell, C, PHP, and Java, fewer projects would need to rewrite the wheel, and existing projects would have better parsers.

This month Time and Matrix libraries are being built on the libraries list, if you have ideas, suggestions, or want to contribute code, get onto the libraries list and help out!

As always, The Monad.Reader invites submissions on Haskell and related topics. Send a summary or abstract for your article to Shae Erisson.


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