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(Published 1 October 2005.)


by Shae Erisson

This month I'd like to point out hIDE, the Haskell Integrated Development Environment project. This is an entirely new project that reuses the hIDE name, and integrates code and experience from previous projects such as Yi, gtk2hs, and GHC.

Why a new IDE, and why in Haskell? For me, I've used emacs for six years, and it's just not good enough. My least favorite emacs warts include single threading, overuse of regular expressions, lack of a high quality incremental parser (semantic just doesn't cut it), and elisp. The goals of the hIDE project include solutions for all of these warts and more. If you've ever wanted an IDE with the type safety of Haskell and the dynamic loading of elisp, join the hIDE project!

As always, The Monad.Reader invites submissions on Haskell and related topics. Send a summary or abstract for your article to Shae Erisson.


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