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About my work


My particular areas of interest in programming are:

  • Functional programming
  • Formal modelling / model based programming
  • Concurrency / cloud programming
  • Embedded systems

I am also establishing a small business developing control systems and software for robots. The key idea is to make the robot part of the cloud rather than a stand-alone device. Further information:

Current projects


I am looking at ways of implementing MapReduce-type algorithms using the functional approach. The key insight is that a generalised MapReduce algorithm is simply the repeated application of a sequence of >>= operations in a suitable monad. There are two strands of activity:

The second activity is undertaken with the support of the authors of CloudHaskell. I would be very happy if others joined in the development effort.


I'm defining and then coding a language (Catskell) in the spirit of LOLCODE which is basically a feline-friendly subset of Haskell. My intention is to write a Catskell-to-Haskell translator. This should be a good exercise in making sure I really understand the language.

About me

By training I am a mathematician. I have been programming computers of some form or other since the early 1980s. I also have a keen interest in philosophy and music. My personal website is here.