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--- If you think you need patterns, your abstractions are too weak ---

--- Purity through laziness ---

I'm a student Logic and Computation (previously Artificial Intelligence) at the University of Amsterdam, and reachable at

 (map concat $ sequence $ ap (flip replicate) length ["rturk", "@", "science", ".", "uva", ".", "nl"]) !! 22861

General lurking, complaining and trying to help at the mailings lists, wiki and #haskell.

Oh, and as I'm far too lazy to write much more here, I'll just paste a few directory listings:

~/Programming% ls
Basho        Flappie       SingleFileServer         conway         tic-tac-toe
BrutusXVIII  Haskell       Talk                     conway.tar.gz  xc_hswm
Camera       HttpServer    Tank                     cpu.c          xmms
Dict         LJGet         Test                     dlopen
Event        OggUtils      bzflag-teamchange.patch  fac
Evol         PhotoKeyword                 hswm
~/Programming% ls Haskell 
BZScale             Gnuplot.hs     MyST.hs~        Rot13.hi     hscrop
Blas                Godelrghhh     Ook!            Rot13.hs     isPrime.hs
Boolish.hs          HashDiff       OpenGL          Rot13.o      showRatio.hs
Boolish.hs.bak      HashTable      Pi              Set          spellNum.bak.hs
Curses              Integer        Prolog.hs       Typelevel    spellNum.hs
DevRandom.hs        LambdaData.hs  Ralist.hs       WXLayout     spellNumNL.hs
DigitNum2String.hs  LazyPi.hs      RandomSlowness  bzscale3.hs  spellNumUS.hs
DynType             Map            Readline        cumudu.hs    th.hs
Exceptions.hs       Mpz            RecSet.hs.old   exacr.hs     weak.hs
GIOLayout           MyST.hs        RecSet.lhs      gioCalc.hs   wxCalc.hs