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Web Project Ideas

Please add your own ideas to this page. In addition, the Yesod project keeps its own wishlist which includes many generally-useful project ideas.


  • Augment authenticate package to support more providers (Twitter, Facebook, OpenId 2, etc)
  • See wai-handler-webkit, though it would be nice if it had better Windows support. Create a WAI handler which uses Webkit to convert web applications into desktop apps. See hack-handler-webkit for prior art.
  • I'm satisfied with Persistent, though there is still plenty to be done in this design space. The Haskell equivalent of an Object Relational Mapping. Of course, we're not object-oriented, so we have an advantage in this department. Also, we shouldn't limit ourselves to SQL.
  • See Hamlet. Compile-time checked templates. Bravo might be a possibility, though a StringTemplate syntax might be more user-friendly. Also, link checking should be included.
  • Included in wai-extra. GZIP compression using an Enumerator instead of a lazy bytestring. This would clean up the GZIP middleware in wai-extra.
  • See wai-fastcgi. fastcgi handler for WAI. See the hack-handler-fastcgi package; it should be a simple port.