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It would be highly convenient to wrap the wxAny class. Currently it is not implemented in wxHaskell, work was started, but shelved.

Previous work

Several posts were made to the wxhaskell-devel mailing list, text is given below:

Hi all, I've spent a few hours now trying to wrap the wxAny class, I
just wondered if anyone had given any thought to this (or it's 2.8
predecessor: wxVariant) already?

It's needed because I'm wrapping this functionality:
(wxVariant is automatically promoted to the preferred wxAny in 2.9)
Hi all, I'm still struggling along with this.
I've summarised my current problem here: http://hpaste.org/51854

If any of you would be kind enough to take a look.

Here is the contents of that hpaste for reference:

I have a little test application which looks like this:

Firstly import[1] some functions:

foreign import ccall "wxStringProperty_Create" wxStringProperty_Create :: Ptr (TWxString a) -> IO (Ptr (TStringProperty ()))
foreign import ccall "wxPGProperty_GetValue" wxPGProperty_GetValue :: Ptr (TPGProperty a) -> IO (Ptr (TAny ()))
foreign import ccall "wxAny_IsInt" anyIsInt :: Ptr (TAny a) -> IO Bool
foreign import ccall "wxAny_IsString" anyIsString :: Ptr (TAny a) -> IO Bool

And then we do this:

main = start test

test = do
  pAny <- withStringPtr "TEST" wxStringProperty_Create >>= wxPGProperty_GetValue
  anyIsInt pAny >>= putStrLn . show
  anyIsString pAny >>= putStrLn . show

Now what I expected is "False" and "True", but I actually get back "True" twice.
I've written what should be an identical program[2] in C++ and it works as expected.

Any suggestions?

[1] Here's the source of those functions (which I've created in wxcore/cpp/extra.cpp):
EWXWEXPORT(wxStringProperty*,wxStringProperty_Create)(wxString const* label)
        return new wxStringProperty(*label);

EWXWEXPORT(wxAny*,wxPGProperty_GetValue)(wxPGProperty* self)
        wxAny *result = new wxAny();
        *result = self->GetValue();
        return result;

EWXWEXPORT(bool,wxAny_IsInt)(wxAny* self)
        return self->CheckType< int >();

EWXWEXPORT(bool,wxAny_IsString)(wxAny* self)
        return self->CheckType< wxString >();

[2] The C++ version looks like this:
    wxStringProperty testStr("TEST");
    wxPGProperty prop = testStr;

    wxAny *result = new wxAny();
    *result = prop.GetValue();

    printf("is Int? %s\n", result->CheckType< int >() ? "yes" : "no");
    printf("is String? %s\n", result->CheckType< wxString >() ? "yes" : "no");

If you are considering working on wrapping `wxAny` you may find this patch useful.