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A good way to learn more about Haskell and exchange ideas is to get together with like-minded Haskellers and tackle an interesting project or get familiar with some of the open-source projects in the Haskell community like GHC, cabal, or one of the many libraries on Hackage.

This page serves as a meeting place for Haskellers that are looking for other Haskellers to work on a common project. Feel free to add your project or your name to a project below as it was done for ZuriHac 2014.

1 List of Projects

Project Name Contact Name Project Licence Project Home Page
LambdaCube 3D Csaba Hruska, Péter Diviánszky BSD3
Gipeda performance dashboard Joachim Breitner MIT GitHub
fficxx Haskell-C++ FFI generator Ian-Woo Kim BSD3 GitHub HomePage
Cabal & Hackage hacking Duncan Coutts BSD3 Cabal and Hackage
FRP games Ivan Perez BSD3


darcs/darcsden Ganesh Sittampalam GPL
Cloud Haskell Mathieu Boespflug, Alexander Vershilov BSD3
learn (+document) Debian Packaging of Haskell stuff Thomas Koch (thkoch) ---
in-memory data type compression for GHC Gabor Greif (irc:heisenbug) ---
Real-time translation tool (beginner) Ivan Krišto ( --- Code & ZuriHac description
Restricted Boltzmann Machines using Accelerate, compiled to Cuda and run on GPU's. It's about unsupervised machine learning. Later: Convolutional RBM's. Markus Liedl BSD3
Haskell Message Broker: alternative to Apache Kafka and based on the same protocol Marc Juchli, Lorenz Wolf

2 Keysigning

Just find people who want to do keysigning and do it:

  • Thomas Koch (thkoch)
  • (bazzle)