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AmeroHaskell, a Haskell get together for/in the SouthEastern USA.
Now a Haskell get together(s) anywhere in the USA with at least one in Portland, OR.
== Likely Attendees ==
=== Western ===
* [[User:Taral|Taral]] - Seattle, WA, will travel.
* [[DonStewart]], in OR, but would travel for haskell
* [[TimChevalier]] - Portland, OR. Might be willing to travel, depending on where and when.
* [[User:CliffordBeshers|CliffordBeshers]] - San Diego, CA, but would consider travelling.
* [[JohnMeacham]] - Pasadena, CA. might be able to travel depending on when. (would prefer somewhere on west coast)
* [[GregFitzgerald]] - San Diego, CA
* [[BryanOSullivan]] - San Francisco, CA, will travel.
* [[Derek Elkins]], in TX, would travel some, probably would only stay for a day or two.
* [http://www.travishartwell.net/blog/ Travis B. Hartwell] aka Nafai Willing to travel some, probably can't take any time off of work but most weekends are good except Nov. 2-4 and 16-18.
* [[JustinBailey]] - Can't really travel, but in Portland, OR.
* [[JohnDorsey]] - In Houston, TX.  Slight chance of travel elsewhere.
* [[MikeVanier]] - Pasadena, CA.  Could travel depending on the date, prefer west coast.
* [[GregHeartsfield]] - Dallas, TX.  will travel (tentatively).
=== Eastern ===
* [[Rahul Kapoor]] - Providence, RI, will travel for Haskell.
* [[AdamPeacock]] - NYC, will travel.
* [http://byorgey.wordpress.com Brent Yorgey] (byorgey) - Washington, DC. 
* [[Bjorn Buckwalter]] - Washington, DC. Unlikely to travel.
* [[Betty]] - Raleigh, NC
* [[Dino]] Morelli - Raleigh, North Carolina. Will travel some, can stay somewhere overnight(s). Week of Oct 13-20 is not doable.
* [[Peter Gavin]] - Tallahassee, FL, willing to drive a few hours; weekends are best
* [[Bernard Putersznit]] - Ocala, FL, willing to drive a few hours; any day of the week. Available from November onward.
* [[ShaeErisson]] - located in Boston, MA - pretty much any date is good for me.
* Garrett Mitchener - Charleston, SC, probably can't come if I have to fly
== Possible locations ==
* Portland, OR
* Credit Suisse, NY
== Potential Presenters ==
* [[Derek Elkins]] - I can provide a talk for categorical ideas that are directly applicable in Haskell (e.g. free monads, initial algebras, etc.) and/or something on using types to enforce invariants without going ''too'' crazy (e.g. wrapper types, phantom types, type class traits, reasonable examples of type level programming)
* [[TimChevalier]] - if you're really hard up for speakers, I could scrape something up.
== When ==
* For a Portland meeting, probably in a January/February time-frame
* Maybe during SIGCSE in Portland March 12-15

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