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* [[/Hardware verification/]]
* [[/Hardware verification/]]
* [[/Robots/]]
* [[/Robots/]]
* [[/Music and sound/]]
* [[/Music and sound/|Audio, music and sound]]
* [[/Genetic programming/]]
* [[/Genetic programming/]]
* [[/Linguistics|Linguistics and natural language processing]]
* [[/Linguistics|Linguistics and natural language processing]]

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The first place to look for data types or functions that do what you want is the Standard Prelude, then the Language and library specification (both parts of the Haskell standards documentation), then in whatever extra libraries are provided by the Haskell implementation you are using, then on the page you are looking at. If it is not here, then it may be in the archives of the Haskell Weekly News.

Search the standard libraries collection (by name or type signature) using Hoogle.

There is a mailing list for discussing issues related to libraries.

A large collection of standard hierarchical libraries are currently distributed with GHC (from version 5.04), Hugs (from Nov 2003), and nhc98 (from 1.16).

Cabal, The Common Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries, is an framework for packaging, building, and installing any tool developed in the Haskell language.

This page was intended as a comprehensive list of all Haskell libraries and tools. Because of Haskell's success, the list grew too large to be on one page, and it has now been split up. Some of the libraries and tools linked to from the library and tools pages are proof-of-concepts rather than production code. Some have no longer been maintained for a long time.

On freshmeat.net there is an alternative list of software written in Haskell. That list is currently short (for you to change that). Even more Haskell projects are documented in the community reports and in the archives of the Haskell Weekly News. Google knows about some rare things not documented anywhere else.

Categories of Libraries and Tools

Collections of libraries

Libraries for other languages

If you are thinking about designing a new library for Haskell, you ought to look what has been done in other languages. Here are standard library definitions for