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San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley Haskell Hackathon

Come join a group of Haskell hackers to enjoy a weekend of learning, sharing, and hacking on a variety of projects. Bring your laptop! All skill levels are welcome.

When: Friday, April 7th – Sunday, April 9th, 2017
Where: Takt office: 35 Stillman St, San Francisco
Cost: Free
Registration: Registration form for BayHac 2017
News and Discussion: BayHac Google Group

BayHac 2017 is organized by Dan Burton with the assistance of Haskellers like you! If you would like to help in any way, or have any questions about BayHac, kindly direct your queries to the BayHac Google Group.


The open signup period for /presentations has ended. If you haven't had the chance to sign up but would like to give a presentation, please contact Dan ( AT gmail DOT com) to see if it is possible to squeeze you in.


Dan will be reaching out shortly to those who have indicated interest in representing a particular project. We'll work together to make sure that resources and mentors are available such that anyone at BayHac is able to get the source code, build it, and run the test suite for every project. Anyone who did not take the "call for participation" survey that is interested in representing or hacking on a particular project should email the BayHac Google Group, or email Dan directly if you prefer ( AT gmail DOT com). Planned projects will be announced as said plans unfold.

Sponsors and donations

BayHac is free to attend. We rely on the generous donations of individuals and sponsoring companies to supply the location, equipment, and food. To donate, please contact Dan Burton ( AT gmail DOT com).

Is this a scam to steal my intellectual property?

BayHac is not that kind of hackathon; there is no competitive coding element here. It is only a "hackathon" in the sense that a group of Haskellers will gather to hack on various projects.

See our /Intellectual_Property_Policy

What will BayHac be like?

We will strive to fulfill the /hopes of our attendees.