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Ghent Functional Programming Group

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The "Functional Programming Group Ghent" (GhentFPG) is a friendly group for all people interested in functional programming, with a slight focus on Haskell. We usually organize a meeting every two months. If you're located near Ghent, Belgium, be sure to check us out!


1 Next meeting

The next meeting has been scheduled on June 30th 2011. Following the discussion on the format and the poll we held, the majority of the respondents choose to keep the starting hour at 19:30 and 75% preferred two talks plus a problem solving activity. We will first have the talks (to be announced later) and then take a shot at solving the (still to be decided) problem.

The venue will be the same as always, and we will make sure there is WiFi: Technoicum building St.-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Gent. We meet on the ground floor (0, or S), and as usual we will put up way signs to guide you to the meeting room.

2 Stay informed

For up-to-date information, join our google group (this is like a mailing list)

Or follow us on Twitter

And we can also be reached on IRC using the #ghentfpg channel on freenode.

3 Previous meetings

3.1 April 26 2011 Meeting

On the seventh GhentFPG Meeting, we had three talks.

  • Tom van Cutsem - MapReduce in Erlang
  • Tom Schrijvers - How you could have won the VPW 2011 contest with Haskell
  • Pieter Audenaert - Functional Geometry and a Graphical Language

Slides etc. can be found in this thread [1].

3.2 February 17 2011 Meeting

We had our sixth Ghent FPG Meeting (a problem solving evening) on Thursday, February 17, 2011. More information in this thread.

3.3 November 5 2010 Hackathon

We organized BelHac, the first Belgian Haskell Hackathon on November 5 to November 7, 2010. More information can be found on this page.

3.3.1 Hackathon Meeting (Nov. 5 2010)

The fifth meeting was held during the Haskell Hackathon. The theme of the meeting was "Functional Programming in Industry". We had three talks by people who use Functional Programming in their respective companies:

  • Duncan Coutts (Well-Typed) - Who talked about Well-Typed and how they make a living writing Haskell code.
  • Romain Slootmaekers (Incubaid) - Who talked about how hard it is to get new ideas incorporated into existing companies.
  • Don Stewart (Galois) - Who talked about how Galois is succesfully using Haskell for their projects.

3.4 October 7 2010 Meeting

Our fourth meeting will be held on October 7, 2010, from 19:00 onward. Same location as the previous meetings: Ghent University Technicum, St.-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, Left Entrance. The program is as follows:

  • Stijn Timbermont - Mapping Interpreters onto Runtime Support
  • Tom Schrijvers - Dictionaries: Eager or Lazy Type Class Witnesses?
  • Dominique Devriese - Grammar Combinators - A new model for shallow parser DSL's

Abstracts of the talks can be found in this google groups message.

3.5 June 29 2010 Meeting

Our third meeting will be on June 29, 2010. This is again in the 'Technicum' building of Ghent University, left entrance. The program will be as follows:

  • Pierre Carbonnelle - Declarative programming for Business Logic - a new Open-source project
  • Tom Schrijvers - Monadic Constraint Programming
  • Wouter Kampmann, Lieven Lemiengre - Lightning Talk on Scala

Abstracts of the talks can be found in this google groups message.

3.6 May 13 2010 Meeting

Our second meeting was on May 13, 2010 in the 'Technicum' building of Ghent University, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, starting at 19:00. The program was as follows:

  • Atze Dijkstra: The Utrecht Haskell Compiler
  • Jean-Christophe Mincke: An Introduction To Monads
  • Drinks at a local bar

3.7 April 1 2010 Meeting (First Meeting)

Our first meeting was on April 1, 2010. This was in the 'Technicum' building of Ghent University, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, starting at 19:00. The program was as follows: