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Important: Please wait for a confirmation email before booking any flights/hotels.

Registration is via email to Jasper Van der Jeugt at

with the subject

  BelHac registration 

and body containing the following information:

  #haskell nick: (if applicable)
  Food restrictions:
  Days attending: 

Here is an example:

  Name: Jasper Van der Jeugt
  Nick: jaspervdj
  Food restrictions: Raw flesh only
  Days attending: Friday, saturday and sunday

If you want, you can also add you name here:

Nickname Real Name Affiliation Mobile # Email Arriving - Departing Accomodation
jaspervdj Jasper Van der Jeugt Ghent University +32 476 26 48 47 Has a small place in Ghent
Itkovian Andy Georges Ghent University/FWO Lives in Ostend, arrives by train on daily basis
Javache Pieter De Baets Ghent University
boegel Kenneth Hoste Ghent University commute to/from Ghent daily
BCoppens Bart Coppens Ghent University
jejansse Jeroen Janssen VUB Lives in Ghent.
Feuerbach Roman Cheplyaka +380662285780 unknown yet unknown yet
solidsnack Jason Dusek Heroku +1 415 894 2162 5th-7th Probably Monasterium.
kosmikus Andres Löh Well-Typed LLP 5th-7th
Igloo Ian Lynagh Well-Typed LLP 5th-7th
dcoutts Duncan Coutts Well-Typed LLP 5th-7th
wvdschel Wim Vander Schelden Ghent University Lives in Ghent
sjoerd_visscher Sjoerd Visscher SDL Xopus 5th-7th youth hostel
mietek Miëtek Bak Erlang Solutions 5th-7th Hotel Opera
Steven Keuchel Utrecht University 5th-7th
chr1s Chris Eidhof 5th-7th youth hostel
fphh Heinrich Hördegen Funktionale Programmierung 5th-7th Open for suggestions
Tom Lokhorst 5th-7th youth hostel
sioraiocht Tom Harper Oxford University Computing Laboratory +44 7533 998 591 Friday-Sunday
mcclurmc Mike McClurg Friday-Sunday
chrisdone Chris Done CREATE-NET TBA 5th-7th
lpeterse Lars Petersen University of Osnabrück 5th-7th Hostel
sfvisser Sebastiaan Visser Silk 5th-7th youth hostel
alatter Antoine Latter 5th - 7th Hostel
marcmo oliver mueller 5th - 7th Hostel
kayuri Yuriy Kashnikov 5th-7th
nomeata Joachim Breitner 5th-7th still looking
dons Don Stewart Galois, Inc 07961033604 5th - 7th.
basvandijk Bas van Dijk +31 614065248 5th - 7th Faja Lobi
roelvandijk Roel van Dijk +31 612856453 5th - 7th Faja Lobi
Martijn van Steenbergen 5th - 7th hostel47
Atze Dijkstra Utrecht University 5th - 6th, possibly morning 7th
mrtrac Martin Kiefel 5th-7th Hotel Flandria
Jan-Willem Roorda 5th-7th Monasterium
Tom Schrijvers UGent 5th-6th
Dominique Devriese K.U.Leuven +32477457483 6th (afternoon)