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Note: this page is under construction. Feel free to help out!


1 Introduction

Want to say who this tutorial is aimed at etc.

2 Hello World with Gtk2Hs

Start with the most basic working hello world app. Then we compile it...

2.1 Compiling Hello World

How to compile it with GHC on linux/mac/win32

2.2 Stepping through Hello World

Go through line by line of the hello world code to explain what each one does. It should not mention in too much detail how signals work yet, but note that they will be explained more fully shorty.

3 Signals

The concept of event driven GUI programming. What GObject signals are (without necessarily mentioning the term GObject yet)

4 Widget Types

The way that the class heiriaharcy is represented in Haskell using type classes. Breif mention of up casting & downcasting. We'll come back to downcasting in the glade section.

5 Attributes

Show the "set object [ attr := value ]" style syntax. Reccomend it over the more verbose "objectSetAttr object value" style.

6 Using Glade

We want to encourage people to use Glade to do their widget layout rather than doing it all in code. We can explain manual widget layout as a more advanced topic next.

Redo the hello world program using Glade.

7 Widget Layout

Doing widget layout in code rather than with Glade.