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(29)-30 August 2009

Edinburgh, UK


1 About

The Haskell Hackathon is an international, grassroots collaborative coding festival with a simple focus: build and improve Haskell libraries, tools, and infrastructure.

Hac 7 will be held on 30 August

2 News

3 Registration

If you will be attending, please register. If you like, you can also list yourself as an attendee. Then check out the projects page.

4 When

30 August 2009.

If there is enough interest for some hacking on 29 August, we will look around for some local pubs to work in.

5 Talks

6 Location

See ICFP_2009_Local_Arrangements

7 Preparations

7.1 What to bring

  • A laptop
  • Wireless card if necessary. There will be wireless network access. Ethernet access will probably not be available. If you really need ethernet access, please contact the organizers.
  • Mobile phone

7.2 Before you arrive

  • Pick out a couple of projects to work on and familiarise yourself with them, or bring your own project(s) to work on. See the projects page for a list of projects people plan to work on. If you plan to work on your own project, be sure to list it on the projects page and set up a public repository if you don't already have one, so that other people can help hack on your project.
  • Install an up to date Haskell toolchain: at least ghc (preferably 6.10.*) and cabal-install. If you don't already have these installed (or need to install from scratch on the laptop you're bringing), the easiest way is probably to install the Haskell Platform.

8 Contact

Eric Kow or Dougal Stanton

9 Possible Attendees

Note: this section was just to gauge the level of interest in having a hackathon. To actually register, please visit the registration page.

10 Organization

  • Eric Kow (kowey)
  • Dougal Stanton