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| Jake McArthur
| Jake McArthur
| Fri
| Saturday
| Sunday
| Sunday
| unknown
| unknown

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This is a partial list of attendees for Hac φ. Please refer to the main page for more information.

1 Attendees

Feel free to list yourself here -- though this is not registration. To register, see this page.

Nickname Real Name Mobile # Arriving Departing Accommodation
byorgey Brent Yorgey (202)-531-8646 - - lives in Philadelphia
dmwit Daniel Wagner (650)-353-1788 - - lives in Philadelphia
ccasin Chris Casinghino (603) 860-5301 - - lives in Philadelphia
ymasory Yuvi Masory - - lives in Philadelphia, can host one guest for two nights (update: spots are taken).
yrlnry Mark Dominus - - lives in Philadelphia
amindfv Tom Murphy Thurs or Fri Sunday Found
fryguybob Ryan Yates Fri Sunday Unknown
copumpkin Dan Peebles (603) 738-1570 Unsure Unsure Unsure
brweber2 Bryan Weber brweber2 yahoo Fri Sunday done
lpsmith Leon P Smith Fri Sun done
jmcarthur Jake McArthur Saturday Sunday unknown
acowley Anthony Cowley - - Jersey, New
thoughtpolice Austin Seipp Fri Sunday unknown
dankna Dan Knapp Fri Sun With family
ludflu Jim Snavely Sat  ? Lives in philadelphia
swalck Scott Walck Fri Sun Club Quarters
djahandarie Darius Jahandarie djahandarie at gmail  ?  ? ¯\(°_0)/¯
mightybyte Doug Beardsley <nickname> at gmail unsure
synesthesia Raeez Lorgat (617)-470-5156 Fri Sun Uncertain
baguasquirrel Arthur Chan lambdasquirrel at google mail Sat Sun will figure it out

1.1 Attendees in Berlin

Nickname Real Name Mobile # Arriving Departing Accommodation
Matthias Fischmann +49 179 7733223 / m.fischmann at gmail Fri Sun
Daniel van den Eijkel dvde at gmx dot net Fri Sun
Sönke Hahn shahn at Fri Sun lives in Berlin
Alexander Ulrich alex at Fri/Sat Sun

2 Additional Comments

Please use this section to leave comments for other attendees, e.g. for organizing accommodation.

I'm an undergraduate student doing research this summer. I'm very interested in attending, but I doubt I could afford a hotel, so if anyone in Philly has a place I could stay please let me know. FmapE 03:31, 16 June 2011 (UTC)