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| Tikhon Jelvis
| Tikhon Jelvis
| dstcruz
| Daniel Santa Cruz
| Daniel Santa Cruz
| mjo
| Michael Orlitzky

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This is a partial list of attendees for Hac φ. Please refer to the main page for more information.


Feel free to list yourself here -- though this is not registration. To register, see this page.

Nickname Real Name Mobile #
byorgey Brent Yorgey (215) 350-4532
dmwit Daniel Wagner (650) 353-1788
ccasin Chris Casinghino (603) 860-5301
amindfv Tom Murphy
edwardk Edward Kmett (857) 244-1001
acowley Anthony Cowley
ddarius Derek Elkins
ozataman Ozgun Ataman
Emilio Jesús Gallego Arias
dolio Dan Doel
Eric Robert Fulmer
carter Carter Schonwald
Andrey Basko
Gershom Bazerman
osnr Omar Rizwan
Katherine Ye
yrlnry Mark Dominus
mightybyte Doug Beardsley
fryguybob Ryan Yates
Pavel Frolov
fizbin Daniel Martin
cmccann Casey McCann
Arthur Azevedo de Amorim
R. Clayton
Nikos Vasilakis
bergey Daniel Bergey
Xiao Ling
Luke Luke Hoersten
sykora P.C. Shyamshankar
Gregg Lebovitz
Spencer Gordon
tikhonjelvis Tikhon Jelvis
dstcruz Daniel Santa Cruz
mjo Michael Orlitzky

Additional Comments

Please use this section to leave comments for other attendees, e.g. for organizing accommodation.

I (Daniel Wagner) have space on my couch if somebody would like to crash with me for the weekend. Send me an email if you're interested; first-come, first-served. (now taken)