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Hac 2007

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[[/GroupPhoto|Group photo at Oxford]]
[[/GroupPhoto|Group photo at Oxford and raw summary of activities]]
Following the success of the [ GHC] [ Hackathon]  
Following the success of the [ GHC] [ Hackathon]  
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Hac 07

Hac icon

The 2007 Haskell Hackathon, Hac 07

January 10-12, 2007

Oxford University Computing Laboratory



Group photo at Oxford and raw summary of activities

Following the success of the GHC Hackathon at ICFP, we are pleased to announce that the inaugural Haskell Hackathon! The event will be held over 3 days, January 10-12 2007, at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory, in the UK.

The plan is to hack on Haskell infrastructure, tools, libraries and compilers. To attend please register, and get ready to hack those lambdas!


[edit] 1 Where

Oxford University Computing Laboratory, Oxford, UK.

[edit] 2 Important dates

Event Date
Registration deadline December 6th, 2006
Confirmation December 10th, 2006
Hackathon January 10-12, 2007

10-12 January, 2007

         January 2007
    Su  Mo  Tu  We  Th  Fr  Sa
         1   2   3   4   5   6
     7   8   9 [10__11__12] 13 
    14  15  16  17  18  19  20
    21  22  23  24  25  26  27
    28  29  30  31

From 10am until the code stops typechecking, at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory, UK.

[edit] 3 Registration

If you will be attending add your name to the Registration page. Numbers may be limited, depending on availablity of space.

[edit] 4 Logistics

[edit] 4.1 The room

Reception should let you in through a door to your left. Stairs are left again. Go up one flight, then follow the corridor round to the right. The room is on your left.

[edit] 4.2 Maps

[edit] 4.3 Accomodation

Cheeper end of the market:

Todo: list of local hotels within walking distance.

[edit] 4.4 Travel

Oxford University Computing Laboratory



  • London Heathrow (LHR) is the best airport.

[edit] 4.4.1 Airport busses

[edit] 4.5 Food

Arranged locally.

[edit] 5 Facilities

[edit] 5.1 What to bring

  • Yourself
  • Laptop, wireless card, ethernet cable
  • Typechecker
  • Lambdas
  • Brain snacks

[edit] 5.2 Before you arrive

[edit] 5.3 What we will bring

  • Wireless net access
  • Wired net access
  • Room to hack
  • Power points

[edit] 5.4 What to hack on

A list of projects people want to work on. Add your list!

Scheduling is flexible, feel free to drop in any time during the 3 days.

[edit] 6 Related events

  • PADL, Nice/France, January 14-15 2007
  • DAMP, Nice/France, January 16
  • TLDI, Nice/France, January 16
  • POPL, Nice/France, January 17-19 2007

[edit] 7 Organisers

The Oxford background is GFDLd, and copyright Diliff.

[edit] 8 IRC channel

A Hackathon IRC channel has been set up. Visit:


on freenode.