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can get your machine on the network.
can get your machine on the network.
The final attendee list will be posted some time before the hackathon.
Add your name to [[Hac_2007_II/Attendees|the attendees page]] once you've registered.
== Important dates ==
== Important dates ==

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Registration for the Haskell Hackathon: Hac 2007 II

Numbers for the hackathon may be limited, due to room size constraints. If you're unable to attend for the full 3 days, please mention this in the registration details.

1 Registration

Registration is via email. Please mail the following information to:

With the subject line:

   Hac 2007 registration 

And body containing the following information:

   Ethernet MAC address:
   Wireless MAC address:

For example:

   Name:                   Don Stewart
   Nick:                   dons
   Ethernet MAC address:   aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
   Wireless MAC address:   ff:ee:dd:cc:bb:aa

You'll need to bring your own laptop, and provide mac addresses, so we can get your machine on the network.

Add your name to the attendees page once you've registered.

2 Important dates

Event Date
Hackathon October 5-7, 2007