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The current cabal package release is located here on Hackage

Project Description

This project was supposed to be a reasonably faithful reproduction (although incomplete) of the original Atari classic 'Asteroids' written in Haskell and Yampa that took me around a month to complete.


Haskelloids menu
A screenshot of the Haskelloids menu
Haskelloids gameplay
A screenshot of Haskelloids gameplay

To Do

This is a short list of the features that are missing that I, the author, wanted to include, but never got round to.

Bug fixes

  • Replace HGL as the graphics library, it causes too many problems
  • Missing "click to play again" or similar text after final score


  • Bonus lives
  • Score multipliers
  • The two UFO NPCs
  • Hyperspace jumps
  • Uncrackable high score table >:D
  • Add original sound effects

Blue sky features

  • Artificial Intelligence opponents/co-op

The future

I am leaving this project for now to focus on other things. Although still supported, there won't be a major new revision for a little while until I return to add the improvements suggested.