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= Infrastructure =
#REDIRECT [[Haskell.org infrastructure]]
This page documents the currently active infrastructure projects in the Haskell community, under guidance of the Haskell infrastructure team.
[[Category:Pages to be removed]]
== Haskell Wiki move ==
We want to move the haskell.org wiki to [http://new-www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Haskell the new machine], and run it with the new version of mediawiki and the new template.
1. new machine in place [done]
2. new template needed [done]
3. machine runs a modern mediawiki [done]
3.5 moving mailing lists.
3.5.1 moving user accounts:
* create accounts on demand
3.5.2 move project accounts
* policy decision to move project accounts to community.haskell.org - requires vote of haskell.org committee.
4. DNS move: depends on moving other services (mailing lists, user accounts).
== Haskell.org committee ==

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