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Unfortunately, the packages that Lambdabot depends on in Hackage do not, as of 8 December 2008, support GHC 6.10. Fortunately, the darcs repositories of most of these packages do support it.

To compile lambdabot on ghc >=6.10, follow the following steps

Get the stuff from darcs repositories:

darcs get
darcs get
darcs get

Lets install haskell-src-exts from darcs (TODO: This may not actually be required, the one from Hackage might be good enough):

cd haskell-src-exts
cabal install
cd ..

Install mueval:

cd mubot/mueval
cabal install
cd ../..

Apply a patch to lambdabot and install it:

cd lambdabot
wget -O -|patch -p1
cabal install
cd ..

Edit your online.rc file at ~/.cabal/share/lambdabot-version/online.rc
And run lambdabot via:

lambdabot -e "rc ~/.cabal/share/lambdabot-version/online.rc"

This may not be complete, please correct it if any more fixes are required, and as things are updated.