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About context synonyms:

A context synonym may appear anywhere a context is allowed:
Q: May a CS's RHS refer to other CS's? For example:
context Foo a = (BoundedEnum a, Eq a, Ord a)

I think you've already answered your own question. What to do about loops is something else of course.

Q: Apart from type constructors, may a CS's variables be class constructors (things of kind ... -> Context) as well? For example:
Q: May CS's be passed as arguments to other CS's? For example

I'd say this is an obvious no until we have some more general concept of class-variables. And let's not try to fit that in a context-synonym-proposal ;)

Q: May CS's be partially applied? Consider these alternate definitions of BoundedEnum:

Does this actually buy us anything? Unless we go for one of the extensions and we want something like this to be the only syntax perhaps?