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A range of Haskell User Groups are springing up all over. Also see a Map of Haskellers.

User groups

Regular meetings in a particular geographical area. Great if you want to see and meet other Haskellers.

London Haskell User Group
The first meeting of the London Haskell User Group took place on 23rd May 2007, at City University in central London
New York Functional Programmers Network
Come and meet like-minded functional programmers in the New York area. The next meeting is at 7pm on December 10th, at Credit Suisse's offices. Don Syme from Microsoft Research will talk about F#. Please RSVP at the NYFPN Meetup Page.
The Bay Area Functional Programmers group
Meeting monthly in the San Francisco Bay area. See their blog for more details and news of upcoming meetings.
PDXfunc: Portland FP Group
Monthly meetings of the Portland, Oregon functional programming group.
Haskell in Leipzig
Hal, they have videos online.
IsraelHaskell User Group
Are getting organised.
Saint-Petersburg Haskell User Group
Second meeting will be held on Saturday, November 17th, 2007, 18:00 MSK in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Haskell Users' Group for Brasil
Southampton University FPSIG
The Functional Programming Special Interest Group of the University of Southampton is a meeting for people interested in FP and Haskell and meet weekly on Tuesdays at 11.30, on the Access Grid Room of Blg. 32

Workshops/meet ups

Less regular, and move around. Usually have a few talks from invited speakers.

AngloHaskell is a Haskell meeting held in England once a year.
Australian Haskell Programmer's Group
USAsian Haskell Programmer's Group
Sing(apore)Haskell is a Haskell (and related languages) meeting in Singapore
Sydney Area Programming Languages Interest Group
10am-4pm, June 12, 2007. Room T5, Building E7B, Macquarie University
Utrecht Functioneel Programmeren dag 2008
11 januari 2008


Getting together to squash bugs and write new stuff.

Hac 07 was held January 10-12, 2007, Oxford University Computing Laboratory


See the Conferences page for academic workshops and conferences focusing on Haskell and related technology