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! Home page:
! Home page:
| https://bitbucket.org/accursoft/haskell-cloud/
| https://github.com/accursoft/haskell-cloud/
! Documentation:
! Documentation:
| https://bitbucket.org/accursoft/haskell-cloud/src/default/README.md
| https://github.com/accursoft/haskell-cloud/blob/master/README.md

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Haskell Web Development

Servers - Libraries - Frameworks
Deploy - Cloud
Interfaces to frameworks
Databases and Persistence
Testing and Verification
Content Management

Community & Research:
Forums and Discussion
Literature (research, talks and blogs)
Existing Haskell web applications
Ongoing projects and ideas

PaaS (platform as a service) cloud providers generally limit you to a fixed technology stack. However, OpenShift and Heroku allow third-party extensions, which can be used to support Haskell.


GHC version: 8.6.3
Author: Gideon Sireling
Home page: https://github.com/accursoft/haskell-cloud/
Documentation: https://github.com/accursoft/haskell-cloud/blob/master/README.md


GHC version: 7.10.3
Author: Joe Nelson
Home page: https://github.com/begriffs/heroku-buildpack-ghc
Documentation: https://github.com/begriffs/heroku-buildpack-ghc/blob/master/README.md

Heroku Stack

GHC version: Stack
Author: Mark Fine
Home page: https://github.com/mfine/heroku-buildpack-stack
Documentation: https://github.com/mfine/heroku-buildpack-stack/blob/master/README.md


GHC version: 7.4.1
Author: Alberto G. Corona
Home page: https://github.com/agocorona/heroku-buildpack-haste
Documentation: https://github.com/agocorona/heroku-buildpack-haste/blob/master/README.md

Heroku buildpack for tryhplay, incorporating Haste and HPlayground. Demo at http://tryplayg.herokuapp.com/.