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Haskell Web Development

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PaaS (platform as a service) cloud providers generally limit you to a fixed technology stack. However, OpenShift and Heroku allow third-party extensions, which can be used to support Haskell.

1 OpenShift

GHC version: 7.6.3 / 7.8.2
Author: Gideon Sireling
Home page:

The cartridge comes in several flavours, with just the network package (GHC 7.8.2) or a pre-installed framework (GHC 7.6.3 *):

Framework Cartridge QuickStart Deploy
network manifest quickstart deploy
Yesod manifest quickstart deploy
Snap manifest quickstart deploy
Happstack manifest quickstart deploy
MFlow manifest quickstart deploy
Scotty manifest quickstart deploy

* GHC 7.8 requires dynamic libraries for Template Haskell and Quasiquoting. OpenShift gears default to a 1Gb quota, which is insufficient for a full web framework with two copies (dynamic and static) of every library.

2 Heroku

GHC version: 7.4.1
Author: Brian McKenna
Home page:

3 See also