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Haskell Web Development

Servers - Libraries - Frameworks
Deploy - Cloud
Interfaces to frameworks
Databases and Persistence
Testing and Verification
Content Management

Community & Research:
Forums and Discussion
Literature (research, talks and blogs)
Existing Haskell web applications
Ongoing projects and ideas

Deployment/Backend options for your haskell web code.


includes its own server. see Web/Frameworks


Warp Web sever

includes its own server (Warp, which is one possible WAI backend) see Web/Frameworks

(Fast)CGI + WAI

Use a webserver like nginx, lighttpd, or Apache. These servers would communicate with your web applications using CGI or FastCGI. See wai-handler-fastcgi for a library which connects FastCGI with the WAI interface. A search for wai-handler shows the various options available. See the deployment chapter of the Yesod book to see how to configure the various servers and FastCGI to host WAI applications.


includes its own server. see Web/Frameworks


Use CGI or FastCGI to talk to another web server. See this tutorial on simple CGI programming for a simple example.


Check out the documentation for others frameworks listed at Web/Framework