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Haskell Web Development

Servers - Libraries - Frameworks
Deploy - Cloud
Interfaces to frameworks
Databases and Persistence
Testing and Verification
Content Management

Community & Research:
Forums and Discussion
Literature (research, talks and blogs)
Existing Haskell web applications
Ongoing projects and ideas

Deployment/Backend options for your haskell web code.


1 Happstack

includes its own server. see Web/Frameworks

2 Yesod

2.1 Warp Web sever

includes its own server (Warp, which is one possible WAI backend) see Web/Frameworks

2.2 (Fast)CGI + WAI

Use a webserver like nginx, lighttpd, or Apache. These servers would communicate with your web applications using CGI or FastCGI. See wai-handler-fastcgi for a library which connects FastCGI with the WAI interface. A search for wai-handler shows the various options available. See the deployment chapter of the Yesod book to see how to configure the various servers and FastCGI to host WAI applications.

3 Snap

includes its own server. see Web/Frameworks

4 (Fast)CGI

Use CGI or FastCGI to talk to another web server. See this tutorial on simple CGI programming for a simple example.

5 Other

Check out the documentation for others frameworks listed at Web/Framework