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== Hamlet ==
== Hamlet ==

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Hamlet's main goal is to provide you with fully type-safe templates. It uses Haskell's quasi-quoting facilities so that everything is checked at compile time. Unlike using an HTML combinator library, it uses a more intuitive syntax for defining your templates: a Haml-inspired syntax to be precise. It also has support for type-safe URLs, and achieves very high performance by being based on BlazeHtml and performing compile-time optimizations.

License: BSD3

Author: Michael Snoyman <michael@snoyman.com>

Maintainer: Michael Snoyman <michael@snoyman.com>

Home page: http://docs.yesodweb.com/

Package & repositories


HStringTemplate is a Haskell-ish port of the Java StringTemplate library by Terrence Parr, ported by Sterling Clover. It can be used for any templating purpose, but is often used for dynamically generated web pages.

More information on the Wiki page

License: BSD3

Author: Sterling Clover

Maintainer: s.clover@gmail.com

Package & repositories