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* [[/Using xmonad on OLPC XO|olpc xo tips]]
* [[/Using xmonad on OLPC XO|olpc xo tips]]
* [ using xmonad on Arch Linux]
* [ using xmonad on Arch Linux]
* [[/Using xmonad in Ubuntu|tips for using xmonad in Ubuntu]]
* [[/Using xmonad in Ubuntu|using xmonad in Ubuntu]]
=== Tutorials ===
=== Tutorials ===

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xmonad: a tiling window manager

This is the xmonad users' wiki.


1 Configuration help

2 Tutorials

3 Documentation

  • Change log summaries
notable changes since 0.9
notable changes since 0.8
notable changes since 0.7
notable changes since 0.6

4 Keybindings cheatsheet

Inkscape svg version to modify with your custom bindings.

5 External documentation

6 In progress documentation