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#* [[/HeapProfiling|Heap Profiling]]
#* [[/HeapProfiling|Heap Profiling]]
#* [[/Path Handling|Path Handling]] - how file paths should be used
#* [[/Path Handling|Path Handling]] - how file paths should be used
#* [[/Erlang/Proof_of_concept|Compilation to Erlang]] - new backend for Erlang VM (Haskell on BEAMs) may start here
# [[/Notes|Notes]] - random notes collection
# [[/Notes|Notes]] - random notes collection

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Part of Yhc


Yhc Logo - York Haskell Compiler

Warning, this compiler is not finished, and is not useable as a standard Haskell Compiler. It is also not an official York project.

Installing Yhc

  • Windows users - See the instructions to get a snapshot.
  • Other users - See the building guide.

Further information

Yhc Manual

This is the official Yhc manual, feel free to edit it!

  1. Introduction - how to get it, who to contact
    • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    • Using Yhc - short tutorial on yhc, yhi, yhe
    • HCAR Entries - small overview progress reports
  2. Options - command line options and environment variables
  3. Building - building yhc from source
  4. Hacking - how to hack on Yhc
    • Porting - how to port Yhc to a new architecture/platform
    • Debug Flags - flags to help debug the compiler
    • Primitives - information about the primitives
  5. Runtime System - information on the runtime system
  6. Applications - additional tools for use with Yhc
  7. API's - API (programmer libraries) available
  8. Ideas - these are all for the future
  9. Notes - random notes collection


The "Yhc team" consists of a bunch of friend people, who enjoy doing this kind of thing. We include Tom Shackell, Neil Mitchell, Andrew Wilkinson, Mike Dodds, Bob Davie, Dimitry Golubovsky (insert your name here)

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