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Gipeda hacking at ZuriHac2015

Gipeda is a dashboard to display performance data. Basically a converter from (Git revision × benchmark name × benchmark value) to shiny webpages.

It generates static files, mostly json-files, using shake to keep track of what to generate and what not. The front end plain javascript.

Gipeda was written with GHC as a customer in mind, and you can see it in action at http://perf.haskell.org/ghc. But it is kept generic and you are free to use it for your own projects as well.

Possible tasks for the hackathon:

  • Show a comparison of two arbitrary commits.
  • Keeping track of branches and tags.
  • Currently, it linearlizes the git history. This could be improved to show the ich history structure of git repository.
  • Notifications about regressions by mail or RSS.
  • Unify code on the server and the client, possibly using GHCJS.

This is also a nice project if for some weird reason you feel more like hacking JS and HTML than Haskell during ZuriHac.

Unfortunately, I will not be in Zurich in time for the project introduction; hacking on Gipeda will therefore start Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. If you have questions, just talk to Joachim “nomeata” Breitner.