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Managing traffic in #haskell


The #haskell channel is such a busy place that we're moving away from our core principles of being newbie friendly.

It is now not uncommon to hear or see newbie questions go unanswered.


We want to reduce non-newbie question related traffic, so that we again achieve maximum newbie friendliness.


  • Create a 'deep' channel for in-depth hard topics
    • this channel shall be a subset of #haskell users (old hands mostly, and theory heads)
    • those people should also stay in #haskell to answer questions
  • Deep/hard topics should move into this channel to make way for newbie traffic in #haskell
  • lambdabot and other noisy services will be monitored and have non-newbie related content reduced.
  • Other domain specific traffic will be moved early into other channels
    • Cabal -> into #ghc
    • xmonad -> into #xmonad
    • happs -> into #happs


We monitor success by how much we reduce traffic, without reducing newbies

We must also be careful to ensure there's a clear path for new users into the -advanced channel.