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I completely agree with the perception that the channel has become less newbie-friendly during the last two years simply due to higher attendance.

I am not sure how well people will be able to participate in two or more channels at the same time, but it's definitely worth trying out in order to keep the barrier of entry to haskell as low as possible. We should just try not to upset the delicate current state of helpfullness, sillyness and creativity of the channel by making overly drastic changes.

As for lambdabot, I would propose a restricted instruction set for the #haskell channel in order to eliminate noisy (yet fun) commands and have a platform for straight-to-the-point answers. I.e. a restriction of commands to @eval @source @index @hoogle and a few more.

Alternatively, the use of other commands could be limited to 1 per 5 minutes or so. OR, we rely on the #haskell users to to take their overly silly/verbose lambdabot requests to one of the other channels...

What do you think?

--Johannes Ahlmann 09:51, 2 February 2009 (UTC)