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== year 2019 ==
== year 2019 ==
* 2019-11 [https://futureofcoding.org/essays/dctp.html The Misunderstood Roots of FRP Can Save Programming]
* 2019-11 [https://futureofcoding.org/essays/dctp.html The Misunderstood Roots of FRP Can Save Programming] - Steve Krouse
== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Denotative]]
* [[Denotative]]
* [[Functional Reactive Programming]]
* [[Functional Reactive Programming]]

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This is a conservative timeline of denotative-programing and related articles.

Please update this list as it becomes outdated! If you find a tutorial, article, post, comment, or message that stands on its own with regards to denotative programming, then please take a moment to paste the link somewhere on this page (register a throwaway account, if you prefer) - the date, author, and other details can be added later. This will greatly help others who are using this list as a resource for learning about denotative programming.

before 2000

  • 1966-03 (published date) The Next 700 Programming Languages - Peter Landin
    "The word `denotative` seems more appropriate than nonprocedural, declarative or functional. The antithesis of denotative is `imperative`."

year 2010

  • 2010-01 Is Haskell a purely functional language? - Conal Elliott
    "When I bash monadic I/O, my real complaint isn’t with the technical invention–which I like. Rather, I’m cranky about confusion and misleading communication, and about distraction from what we originally meant by 'functional programming'–from what I call 'denotational programming'.
I don’t mind that we haven’t yet been liberated from the von Neumann model. As long as we remember we haven’t.
As long as we keep on searching."
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year 2019

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