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(From The Monad.Reader)
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==Haskell haikus==
==Haskell haikus==
1st prize in 'Original code poems' in the [http://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/studentacm/codepoetry/entries06/entries.html "Waikato ACM Code Poetry Contest 2006"]:
1st prize in ''Original code poems'' in the [http://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/studentacm/codepoetry/entries06/entries.html "Waikato ACM Code Poetry Contest 2006"]:
<blockquote>[[Haskell]] is concise<br>
[[Haskell]] is concise<br>
Functional well-typed and neat<br>
Functional well-typed and neat<br>
It is like Haiku</blockquote>
It is like Haiku<br>
By FMota, preserved in [[Lambdabot]]:
By FMota, preserved in [[Lambdabot]]:

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Haskell haikus

1st prize in Original code poems in the "Waikato ACM Code Poetry Contest 2006":

Haskell is concise
Functional well-typed and neat
It is like Haiku

By FMota, preserved in Lambdabot:

Haskell's cryptic form

is natural to some folks

and so is Haiku's

Monad haikus

From Monad laws#But it doesn't look exactly like an "associative law"...:

Monad axioms:
Kleisli composition forms
a category.

From #haskell

empty list error:

this elegant program dies

so very quickly
less time debugging

more time downloading your brain

to the type system
type checker: "You fool!

What you request makes no sense -

rethink your bad code."
Incarnation of

fmap abstract abstraction

Haskell semantics
GHC compiles

lambdas are being lifted

the wind is dying

By shapr:

the snow falls slowly

the lambdas are lifting -

weak head normal form.

By blackh:

Haskell programs are

viewed in terms of "data flow";

All state is transient.

From haskell-cafe

By Thomas Hartman:

You come for magic

silver bullets slaying bugs...

It is only code!

By Neil Davies:

Yesterday it worked.

Today it is still working

Haskell is like that!

By Pekka Karjalainen:

Without a kigo

or requisite syllables,

haiku don't typecheck

By Niklas Broberg:

Trapped in a monad,

use unsafePerformIO!

Purity tainted...

By Heinrich Apfelmus:

  drop autumn leaves
  until . all . pure . color . Left
  fail . frost otherwise

By Richard O'Keefe[1][2]:

Soft rain falls

while Haskell infers

all my types.
In my room

   Haskell humbles me;

Look, green leaves!
December buds swell.

Categories unlimit

Haskell I once knew.

From The Monad.Reader

See Issue 9 of The Monad.Reader; these haikus by Wouter Swierstra all related to Summer of Code projects:

Abstracting Parsec

over any input type.

The world on a String.
Improving Hackage.

Daemons can build your package

and Haddock your code.
Haskell IDE,

will it ever beat Emacs?

Only time will tell.
To load code faster

and save disk space, GHC

must share libraries.
Binding to libcurl.

Get your data from the web.

Who needs Firefox?
A tracer that can't

cope with Cabalized code is

an old Hat, indeed.