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* [[Haskell Weekly News]]
* [[Haskell Weekly News]]
* [[IRC channel]]
* [[IRC channel]]
* [http://planet.haskell.org/ Planet Haskell (blogs by Haskellers)]
* [[Links]]
* [[Links]]
* [[Jobs]]
* [[Jobs]]

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Haskell - A purely functional language

Haskell is a general purpose, purely functional programming language. Haskell compilers are freely available for almost any computer.

Most of this site is a wiki which is maintained by its users. If you would like to contribute, please read about how to do this.

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Upcoming Events
IFL 2021
September 1-3, 2021, virtual, Internet
Haskell Love 2021
September 10, 2021, virtual, Internet
Recent Events
ZuriHac 2021
June 18-20, 2021, virtual, Internet
FARM 2021
August 27, 2021, virtual, Internet
ICFP 2021
August 22-27, 2021, virtual, Internet


  • The Haskell-prime committee has started work on defining the next minor revision of the language specification.
  • "Haskell is the programming tool of choice for discriminating hackers" for the second year running!
    The teams winning first and third place in the ICFP 2005 programming contest both used Haskell.

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