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MetaHDBCMetaHDBC Install
MinistgMissing tutorialsMlist
Model de calcul
Modest GHC ProposalsModular Evaluation and Interpreters Using Monads and Type Classes by Dan PopaModular Monadic Compilers for Programming Languages
Modular monadic compilersMonadMonad/ST
MonadCont done rightMonadCont under the hoodMonadFix
MonadPlus reform proposalMonadPrimer
Monad (sans metaphors)Monad Transformer Library
Monad TransformersMonad Transformers ExplainedMonad Transformers Tutorial
Monad lawsMonad tutorials timelineMonada a starilor
Monada de IOMonada listelorMonada parserelor
MonadeMonadic regions
Monads as computationMonads as containers
Monk upgradeMonoid
Monomorphism restrictionMulti-parameter type class
MultiCaseMultiplateMultiple instances
MusicXMLMusic of monads
Music related discussionsMutable variableMutually recursive modules
Muzica monadelorNIOName clashes in record fields
NamedAction.dpatchNamespaced IO LayerNested lambdas
New monadsNew monads/LazyWriterT
New monads/MaybeTNew monads/MonadAdvSTMNew monads/MonadBase
New monads/MonadExitNew monads/MonadRandomNew monads/MonadRandomSplittable
New monads/MonadSTONew monads/MonadSplitNew monads/MonadSupply
New monads/MonadUndoNew monads/MonadUniqueNew monads/UnboxedRWS
Newbie Code CritiqueNews/1984
Nhc98No export listsNo import of Prelude
No kind signaturesNokia Research Center Cambridge
Non-empty listNon-strict semantics
Non-trivial type synonymsNonogramNot just Maybe
Notation: mathematics, programming languagesNum instance for functions
Numeric Haskell: A Repa TutorialNumeric Haskell: A Vector TutorialNumeric Prelude
Numeric QuestNumericalO'Haskell
OCamlOGLOOP vs type classes
O colectie de link-uri
O colectie de link-uri din 1 noiembrie 2008O colectie de link-uri variate - 2008O colectie de link-uri variate - toamna 2008
O corectura minora in capitolul 6 din Practica interpretarii monadiceO interfata Hoogle in limba romana.O mica introducere in Haskell 98
O mica istorie a prelucrarii datelorOameni si cursuri din RomaniaObfuscation
Obfuscation/IOHCC 2004OdHacOdHac/Accommodation
OdHac/ProjectsOld-reactiveOld events
Old newsOne day using Haskell
One day without HaskellOne month using HaskellOne month without Haskell
One semester using HaskellOne semester without HaskellOne week using Haskell
One week without HaskellOne year using HaskellOne year without Haskell
OpenGLTutorial2Open research problems
Operatia de citire
OperationalOpinia editorului revistei MyLinuxOrase in care se preda Haskell la Universitati
Ord instanceOrphan instance
POSIX process group API reform proposal
POV-Ray SDL projectPPT in ENglezaPPT in Romana
Package versioning policyPackaging
Pairs of identifiersPanda
PandaBoardPar Monad: A Parallelism TutorialPar and seq
Parallel/ReadingParallel/ResearchParallel GHC Project
Parallel machineParallelismParallelism vs. Concurrency
Parameter order
ParsecParsersParsing a simple imperative language
Parsing expressions and statementsPartial applicationPartial functions
Partial results 28 dec 2008Partial signaturesPascal
Pascalul mileniului al III-leaPatches and forks for GHC 6.12Patchwork
Pattern guardPeano numbers
PerformancePerformance/Accumulating parameter
Performance/Data typesPerformance/FFI
Performance/Floating pointPerformance/FunctionsPerformance/GHC
PermissiveImportsProposalPh.D areaPhantom type
Phone numberPhooey
Photo Full Size
Physical equalityPhysical unitsPhysical units/CalDims
Physical units/Dimensionalized numbersPipes
PiqPkgEnvPlaying by the rules
Poate aceeasi functie sa aiba doua tipuri in doua programe ?Poate un modul folosi functii din altul ?
PolyparsePolyvariadic functions
Poor man's here documentPoorly named things
PortAudioPortMidiPositive identifier
Pot folosi fail impreuna cu monada parserelor ?Pot sa depanez functii prin inserarea de instructiuni de scriere in ele ?Pot utiliza expresii booleene in case cand sablonul e de alt tip ?
Potential projectsPower functionPractica interpretarii monadice
Practice of Functional Programming
Prelude extensions
Prime numbersPrime numbers miscellaneous
Prin ce difera listele de n-uple ?Principal variation search
Probabilistic Functional Programming
Programare Functionala - O introducere utilizand limbajul HaskellProgramare functionala
Programati si zambiti !Programming contestsProgramming conventions for GHC
Programming guidelinesProgramming performanceProgramming performance/Apter K