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;''<nowiki>Code Probe - Issue one: Haskell XML-RPC, v.2004-06-17 [1]</nowiki>''
;''<nowiki>Code Probe - Issue one: Haskell XML-RPC, v.2004-06-17 [1]</nowiki>''
:Sven Moritz Hallberg
:Sven Moritz Hallberg
[ Issues 2 through 5] can be found on the special tmrwiki – they haven't been included here for licensing reasons. I hope to move over most of the content soon.
[[The Monad.Reader/Issue3| The Monad.Reader Issue 3]] was released June 2005.
[[The Monad.Reader/Issue3| The Monad.Reader Issue 3]] was released June 2005.

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The Monad.Reader is an electronic magazine about all things Haskell. It is less formal than journal, but somehow more enduring than a wiki-page. There have been a wide variety of articles, including: exciting code fragments, intriguing puzzles, book reviews, tutorials, and even half-baked research ideas.


1 Latest Issue

The Monad.Reader Issue 10 is now available:

Step inside the GHCi debugger
Bernie Pope
Evaluating Haskell in Haskell
Matthew Naylor

Feel free to browse the source files [1]. You can check out the entire repository using darcs:

darcs get

The source code and LaTeX files have all been released under a BSD-style license.

I'd welcome any discussion and feedback on the Talk page.

2 Previous editions

The Monad.Reader Issue 1 was released on March 1, 2005.

Pseudocode: Natural Style
Andrew J. Bromage
Pugs Apocryphon 1 - Overview of the Pugs project
Autrijus Tang
An Introduction to Gtk2Hs, a Haskell GUI Library
Kenneth Hoste
Implementing Web-Services with the HAIFA Framework
Simon D. Foster
Code Probe - Issue one: Haskell XML-RPC, v.2004-06-17 [1]
Sven Moritz Hallberg

The Monad.Reader Issue 3 was released June 2005.

Notes on Learning Haskell
by Graham Klyne
Functional Programming vs Object Oriented Programming
by Alistair Bayley
Concurrent and Distributed Programming with Join Hs
by Einar Karttunen
"Haskell School Of Expression": Review of The Haskell School of Expression
by Isaac Jones
Review of "Purely Functional Data Structures"
by Andrew Cooke

The Monad.Reader Issue 4 was released 5 July 2005.

Impure Thoughts 2, B&D not S&M (off-wiki)
by Philippa Cowderoy
Why Attribute Grammars Matter
by Wouter Swierstra
Solving Sudoku
by Dominic Fox
On Treaps And Randomization
by Jesper Louis Andersen

The Monad.Reader Issue 6 was released January 31, 2007.

Getting a Fix from the Right Fold
Bernie Pope
Adventures in Classical-Land
Dan Piponi
Assembly: Circular Programming with Recursive do
Russell O'Connor

The Monad.Reader Issue 7 was released April 30, 2007.

A Recipe for controlling Lego using Lava
Matthew Naylor
Caml Trading: Experiences in Functional Programming on Wall Street
Yaron Minsky
Book Review: “Programming in Haskell” by Graham Hutton
Duncan Coutts
Yhc.Core – from Haskell to Core
Dimitry Golubovsky, Neil Mitchell, Matthew Naylor

The Monad.Reader Issue 8 was released on September 10, 2007.

Generating Multiset Partitions
Brent Yorgey
Type-Level Instant Insanity
Conrad Parker

The Monad.Reader Issue 9, the Summer of Code special, is was released on November 19, 2007.

Cabal Configurations
Thomas Schilling
Darcs Patch Theory
Jason Dagit
TaiChi: how to check your types with serenity
Mathieu Boespflug

3 Contributing

If you're interested in writing something for The Monad.Reader, please download the instructions for authors. You can also check out the most recent version from the darcs repository at

The deadline for Issue 11 is August 1, 2008.

Feel free to contact Wouter Swierstra with any questions.

4 Merchandise

You can buy The Monad.Reader t-shirts and merchandise from Cafepress.

5 The name

The name is a pun, I'm afraid. A magazine is sometimes also referred to as a "reader". The articles are not necessarily about monads.